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How do I get to Fenway?

This has been a huge topic lately, and hopefully this post will clarify and contain most of the information for those who are curious about where to park, or not park, at Fenway. Most of the Spahten’s that live in Boston say you should not try to park near Fenway, but that is up to you. I know I will be taking the T in, it’s not that daunting either. Maybe, just maybe, some buddies will step up and we can try to travel in together.

The obvious, and probably easiest solution, is to take the public transit, aka “The T”. Most parking garages are going to be way less $$ wise as well. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need to hop from line to line, ie. taking the red line to the green line, etc. Below I have cut and pasted a couple different snippets from the Red Sox site and the MBTA site to help get you around. I left the links active so you could click through. Hopefully this helps everyone out!

Taken from the Red Sox site

  1. Use the Rapid Transit map at to find out how to connect to the Green Line.
    • If on the Red Line, get off at Park St.
    • If on the Orange Line, get off at Downtown Crossing and follow signs for the Winter Street Concourse to Park St.
    • If on the Blue Line, get off at Gov’t Center*.
    • If on the Silver Line SL1 or SL2, get off at South Station, transfer to the Red Line toward Alewife, then get off at Park St.
    • If on the Silver Line SL4, get off at Chinatown, transfer to the Orange Line toward Oak Grove; then get off at Downtown Crossing and follow signs for the Winter Street Concourse to Park St.
    • If on the Silver Line SL5, get off at Downtown Crossing and follow signs for the Winter Street Concourse to Park St.
  2. Then take the B, C, or D train to Kenmore
    • If on the E train, transfer to a B, C, or D train at Copley, and go to Kenmore.
  3. When exiting the station, follow the signs to Fenway Park, then turn left on Commonwealth Ave, left on Brookline Ave, and Fenway Park is just over the bridge.
Approximate Green Line Ride Times:
  • From North Station: 20 minutes
  • From Haymarket: 17 minutes
  • From Gov’t Center: 15 minutes
  • From Park St: 12 minutes
  • From Boylston: 11 minutes

Plan your trip at Enter Fenway Park as your End destination.

Taken from the MBTA site: 

  • Green Line (Subway Schedule): The Green Line’s Kenmore Square and Fenway Stations are the closest to Fenway Park, and customers can board any B, C, and D-branch trains to travel to Kenmore Square Station. For Fenway Station, customers can board any D-branch train.
  • Commuter Rail (Framingham/Worcester Line Schedule):  Customers can also utilize Yawkey Stationon the Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail Line for service to and from Fenway Park.

Travel to Fenway Park on the Commuter Rail via South Station

  • Once the train arrives at South Station, board the Red Line (Alewife side).
  • Depart from the train at Park Street Station. Park St. is only two stops from South Station.
  • Once you are at Park Street Station, board the Green Line.  Board any B, C, or D-branch Green Line trains and travel to Kenmore Square Station.
  • Fenway Park is less than a half mile from Kenmore Square Station.
  • MBTA station personnel in orange vests will be available to answer any questions and to assist and direct customers on game days.

Park and Take the T

  • Parking is available at many MBTA stations. Before beginning the trip to Fenway, visit the MBTA Parking page for a full list of parking locations and information.

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