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Hyperwear Vest SXY

I received a Hyperwear Vest SXY for Christmas 2012. This is a review of the product.

First off it’s a very nice vest. It fits well, and can be adjusted with corset-like lacing on the sides. This makes the vest very comfortable for running, walking, hiking or working out in. It really is designed to fit a woman, smaller shoulder straps, understanding of a woman’s chest and waist areas. It comes in a couple of colors – I have the red, shown here:

One con to the vest (and several of the Hyperwear vests) is the belief that a small woman can’t carry larger weights. This vest goes to 8lbs. I’ve managed to squeeze two more pounds in there but the weight vest is seriously maxed out.  I really wish there was a way to increase the amount of weight that could be carried in here. It would definitely make the vest have a longer useful life.

I really do like this vest however, and would recommend it.


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