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Incorporate these exercises into your run, you might thank us!

James Horgan, a card carrying member of the MA Spahtens, suggested we come up with a few exercises to incorporate into a running routine. The hopes was the exercises be practical, and that you would not have to carry anything to make them possible.

So, we came up with a  list of ten that we think will strengthen the WHOLE body only using your body weight. The idea is, after every mile (more than likely on a three mile run) to run through a set of these. There are no particular reps you HAVE to do, just do what your body says you CAN do. This list may change, nothing is static, change is inevitable. We hope that with these exercises, you will feel that change.

These exercises, and video links, were compiled by Eric Matta, another card carrying member. Thanks for your work Eric.

1 – Burpees (full body)

2 – V sit Crunches (core)

3 – Lunges (quads, glutes)

4 – Divebombers (shoulders)

5 – Pullups, find a tree, bench, ledge.. (back)

5 – Squat jumps, elbows to knees (full body)

7 – Russian twist (core)

9 – Air Squats (quads)

6 – Plank (core)

10 – Pushups AMRAP (chest, arms)

Let us know how it goes, we’d love to know how you incorporate this into your lives. AROOO!!!

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  1. Nate what a great job. Aroo!

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