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Individual to OCR Team Member in a little over a year.

Who knew.  Running a race, any race brings changes.  Some people embrace the changes.  Others are happy they did something challenging and move on.  Others get discouraged or just become totally disinterested in the whole idea and simply never run again.  I’m quite sure I could have easily moved on after last years Warrior dash had I not done the dash as a trial run for the Spartan Sprint.  I seemed to need a challenge in my life.  I definitely needed to start getting healthier.  Viola Spartan Race.

Its not just a race its a community.   Funny how a year ago I had never run, never run a race, never worked out and I only used Facebook to play Poker and words with friends.  But with the confidence of people I barely knew I have found a place to write, which has always been a passion, to learn, to get advice, to share advice and to meet crazy unorthodox people who want to enjoy life by living it; not existing in it.

Life is sweeter when it is enjoyed with friends.  Workouts are easier when your not going through the pain alone.  Because you never know where the day may take you, you have to be ready at a moments notice to receive an opportunity to partake in awesomeness!  Being on a Team means more opportunity to be awesome, and to be there where awesome happens.


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