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Inov-8 TrailRoc 150

The TrailRoc 150 is a super minimal, light weight trail shoe.

I picked up a pair to replace my worn down Inov-8 X-Talon 190’s, and considering how much I love my minimal shoes, I wanted to get two things in a replacement – I wanted a shoe thats as minimal as possible, while still retaining grip, and I wanted a shoe that had a wider toe-box than the X-Talon, as the reason they fell apart was because they were too narrow.


First, lets get the obvious out of the way. These things are hideous. I don’t know who at Inov-8 comes up with their color schemes, but they have some hits, and some misses. Total miss here. Especially in a Mens 12!

Second, they are LIGHT. They weigh little, and provide little. There is no support, there is no heel cushioning. For fans of minimal shoes, this is a good thing, and mostly, it is – however, having worn them to several races on various levels of terrain, and worn them hiking/running up and down mountains, I’m having mixed results.

Do I like them? Kind of. They are comfortable fitting – finally, an inov-8 with a wider toe box for those of us with flat feet! The grip of the sole is good – not as aggressive as an x-talon, but dramatically better than most shoes out there. They are light and flexible enough that they never feel like they are in the way, and they shed mud quickly and easily.

However  – and this is my reservation – the uppers are different. They feel less like a fabric mesh, and more like a plastic fabric. They don’t drain well. If you splash in a puddle, you will stay dry – submerge them, and the water will stay. I tested this by sticking them under a tap, and running water into them – the only place it drained was the leg hole. Not good.

Also, the sole is a bit too minimal if you’re looking for anything more than a casual trail shoe. Running on some fire roads, or through light trails, you’ll feel everything as you’d expect, and be fine – but once you hit the really rocky stuff, or get into some serious hiking, I feel like I need more protection and cushioning.

I’m also a little concerned that the fabric of the upper is fraying – it’s nothing more than a bit of an eye sore right now, but long term, who knows what will happen.

I’m placing an order for a sturdier pair of Inov-8’s soon, to see how I prefer those – more to come.

7 thoughts on “Inov-8 TrailRoc 150

  1. I bought the TrailRoc 235 and love them. They are the zero-drop version of the 245. I choose then over the 150 because I realized that after running in VFF shoes for a year, my feet were taking a beating without any padding in my shoes. The 235 is the perfect compromise of flexibility and comfort. Highly recommended.

    1. A review on those would be awesome … 🙂

  2. Ian Dunn Agreed – the x-talon is the minimal version of them. Unfortunately, they only come in the "performance" fit, which is too narrow for me, and the demise of my first x-talon 190's. The Trail rocs now offer an "anatomical" fit, which is much wider around the toe, and will last me longer 🙂

    Having said that – an anatomical fit x-talon or mudclaw would be AWESOME.

  3. Innov8 rock. Mudroc's are the only true shoe when it gets wet underfoot. The belt hydration bladder works well to, leaving your back free.

  4. Michael Downey free delivery both ways, two day shipping, VERY generous return policy.

  5. i gotta find a store around here that carrys them so i can try them out and see if i like the fit

  6. I ended up picking up a TrailRoc 245, and so far – with only one 3 mile hike – so good.

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