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Interview: Mass Mayhem 2014


Mass Mayhem is a new OCR to the scene – but organized and run by Type One LLC, a team who have already held a couple of events, the well regarded 2012 and 2013 Renegade Run.

Like Renegade Run, Mass Mayhem will be allowing Type One LLC to raise awareness for type one diabetes, and raising funds to funds to help find a cure – something that Type One LLC co-founder Tyson knows only too well, being diabetic himself.

Mass Mayhem will happen April 12th, at the Blandford Ski area in Mass

Mass Mayhem is a new event to the calendar – what can people expect regarding difficulty and obstacles?

One of the most exciting aspects of obstacle course racing is locking down an amazing location, and that’s exactly what we’ve been able to do with the folks at the Blandford Ski Area. Runners are going to be climbing up the mountain terrain across wooded areas and through the trails. The base is located at 1,025 ft above sea level and the summit is located at 1,490 ft; a 465 ft vertical drop. We have a slew of new obstacles and some old favorites that everyone will enjoy. Maybe we will even get lucky with a late season snow, but if not, we do have full access to snow making equipment!

While Renegade Run was held on a relatively flat course, Mass Mayhem looks to be some serious terrain. How much do you plan on using that?

They gave us the whole mountain and we intend to use as much as possible. We will be scattering water and banana stations to keep runners fueled to power up and down the trails. We’ll be incorporating some of natures best obstacles while digging and building our own.

How long will Mass Mayhem be?

I guess that depends on how much mayhem you want to cause. The course maps out to about 3.9 miles. Afterwards everyone will be enjoying beer brought to you by our partner Harpoon Brewery, and the live music as we’ve booked local favorite Girls, Guns, and Glory which was just named Americana Artist of the Year at the 2013 Boston Music Awards. We will also have some amazing food for everyone to enjoy, we want to make sure we hit all of the body’s senses!

Tell us more about your charity and fundraising work?

Our company’s mission is to raise money and awareness to cure type 1 diabetes. 25% of our profits are donated directly to the Faustman Lab at MGH to find a cure. The Faustman Lab is leading the way with their clinical trials to regenerate the pancreas in diabetics! People also have the capability of donating directly to the Lab and our parking fees at Mass Mayhem will go directly to Dr. Faustman’s research as well!

How much spectator access will there be on the course? Will there be a cost?

Spectators will have free access to the course and full use of one of the mountain’s chair lifts to watch runners on the course. Once at the top, spectators will be free to roam the mountain and walk to the bottom on their own. There will never be a cost for spectators, that’s just wrong!

Being the first Mass Mayhem, do you plan on making this into a series (like Renegade Run)?

We think we found a great location and partner to continue to build with in the future. We are focused on making this event a home run and then we will begin planning our next event.

Many events live and die by their volunteers – what plans do you have in place for getting enough reliable volunteers on the course?

Through various schools, colleges, and community organizations we have already received a number of commitments. Also, with our partnership with the Faustman Lab, they have graciously offered volunteer support through their Massachusetts General Hospital affiliation. We recognize the backbone of a successful event is having a strong race day crew and just like past Renegade Run’s we anticipate having a great enthusiastic crew for Mass Mayhem.

You can register for Mass Mayhem today –, and use code NESPAHTENS to save $10 (Join team NE Spahtens!)

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