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Interview: Panic in the Dark 2013

Panic in the Dark is coming, and it’s looking like it will be a shockingly good time. The race director, Fred Smith of Smithfest Events is no stranger to putting on events of epic proportions (Smithfest Events host the World Championship of Musical Chairs, a massive scavenger hunt *and* the well done Blizzard Blast we took biggest team at earlier this year)

Fred has alluded to lots of shocks, scares and pant wetting – so I wanted to get a bit more info from him … I shot him some questions.

New England Spahten community members can find more information and discount codes for registration right here:¬† and I’ll see you there!


7292_370375216396688_1091711572_nQ) When did Panic in the Dark start, and how big were the events? How does that compare to your 2013 event?

A) Panic in the Dark came about in 2012, originally called Panic in the Park we put together our first OCR to see what the craze was all about and soon we would be part of it. In 2012 we had 325 people participate, In 2013 we are looking to be around 1000 participants.

Q) How long is the distance, and how challenging would you rate the terrain and traditional obstacles you’ll hit us with?

A) The distance will vary each year but this year we are a 5k run. In regards to the terrain it will be very tough as the runners will take a wide array of terrain including the deepest of woods without trails, old trails along the cemetary, hills and much more. The obstacles will include wall climbs, mazes and crawls then add in the darkest day of the year and working from headlamp light and wondering where the next zombie may be will make this a great challenge!

Q) With fewer obstacles, but more horror it sounds like this isn’t a race for the weak of heart – how many zombies are you putting out there? What shocks and scares do you have planned?

A) We are expecting over 125 Zombies on top of our special staff! We cannot discuss the second part of your question, Sorry and Good Luck!

421335_370372989730244_1842088129_nQ) Zombie and horror races are really popular right now – with both the time of the year and the huge boom in OCR in 2013. What is Panic in the Dark offering to set itself apart from other events we’ve attended or have on the calendar?

A) Being the only night zombie OCR sets us apart but not in the way we are looking to! We want to be the scariest race in the country and we do it by being creepy and RAW! No Cheesey stuff here!! We want people to Quit! Not because they are tired but because their pants are wet!

Q) With the race being a late evening race – it sounds like the party will be going into the night – what do you have lined up to keep people hanging around into the wee hours?

A) The After Party Brain Bash will be the ultimate Halloween Party!! With the band BailOut and great vendors, food and drinks we are ready to rip it up til late in the night!

Q) If Sandy is scared enough and punches out a Zombie – will we be invited back?

A) We heard Sandy will Quit before she gets on the bus!

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