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Interview: Renegade Run

Tell me a little about your organization and it’s background. How big is the team behind the idea? Do you have an official website for Type One?

Our organization was founded in 2012 by three friends and professionals, Tyson Sunnerberg, Paul Foti, and Eric MacIntosh. We have spent the last few years running, jumping, climbing, and crawling through many challenging obstacle courses, mud runs, and road races so we have decided that we would love nothing more than to dedicate our time, efforts, and lives to this passion. We are also equally determined to fight for a cure for Type One Diabetes. With that said, we have named our organization Type One, LLC and will be creating exciting and fun fitness challenges throughout the USA while increasing public awareness and raising money to fund existing promising research projects to put an end to Type One Diabetes. Tyson is a Type 1 diabetic and together we would like to end his and all other type one diabetics’ dependancy on insulin, constantly checking sugar levels, requiring the use of needles, and injections for survival.

We are partnering with the Joslin Diabetes Center and couldn’t be happier with our choice as Joslin is “The world’s preeminent diabetes research and clinical care organization.” We will be working directly with our choice of researcher and project so that our donations can be charted and we will be able to see the impact we will be making on the push to end this disease!

The most current information about Type One and our first event can be found on our website promoting the Renegade Run at

What made you want to organize an Obstacle Course Race?

As avid fitness individuals, we have participated in numerous obstacle challenges such as the Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, Rugged Maniac, and the Warrior Dash among others. We have witnessed the rapid growth of this sport over the past few years and feel we have something unique to add to this type of event. We also see it as an opportunity to take something we are passionate about and love to do and create a tremendous platform to cure Type One Diabetes. Nothing could be better for us than to create and host challenging events while we raise awareness of Diabetes!

Have you organized any other races, of any variety? If so, what have you offered?

The Renegade Run is our inaugural event! We have received overwhelming support and a positive response in a very short time and we are already planning for our next event in 2013 so keep your eyes on us!

What are your goals for 2013?  

Type One will continue to grow and expand in 2013.  We are currently looking at some unique and exciting venues for our next event.  The sky is the limit in this industry and we are looking to provide the most unique, fun, and challenging experience for all of our participants.  As participation in the sport continues to grow at a rapid pace so does our platform to raise Diabetes awareness and funding for research. Ultimately our goal is to cure Type One Diabetes and in 2013 we will be making a big step towards that goal.

Tell us more about the Renegade Run.

The Renegade Run will be a 4 mile run through the paved and dirt trails of Wompatuck State Park in Hingham MA on Sunday November 25, 2012. Runners will weave their way through the trails while overcoming a series of obstacle challenges. The event kicks off at 10AM on November 25, 2012 and will be followed up with a post run celebration for everyone! We chose the end of November for the Renegade Run so we could close out Diabetes Awareness Month with a challenging yet fun race for all to participate in!

Do you have an official Renegade Run website?

Yes, we do.

Where do you see the sport of OCR going in the future?

We expect the future of obstacle course racing will continue to grow and innovate, and we see OCR as something people will not tire of anytime soon. These obstacle runs add an element to a person’s life that has them training for the event as it will test their strength, stamina, and mental ability, and whether it’s run as an individual or with a group, it gives them a sense of accomplishment they just don’t get with ordinary day to day activities and decision making. This is why OCR will show continued growth in the future. We’ve seen this industry explode in conjunction with workout regiment’s such as Crossfit, TRX, and Boot Camps. We expect the competition to stiffen significantly and it’s likely that additional regulations will be implemented as safety is always a top priority. Our goal is to continue to provide quality events for our participants while building a loyal base following. Above all else, we want everyone to be safe and have fun! We can see OCR as becoming a professional sport, where courses could be recognized as official and maybe there will even be a governing body. It has the potential of becoming something like and Ironman or perhaps even a winter and/or summer Olympic event.

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