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Interview with Race Director Robb McCoy

11081187_990346607643890_5338078663008530001_nFIT Challenge is on the horizon – the fourth event hosted by Robb McCoy, and this year – along with being a #racelocal Grand Prix event, it’s also a qualifier for OCR World Championships. We reached out to Robb, asked a few questions, and it’s time to get excited!
Your races have historically been to raise money for a particular charity. Is this year any different? What is the charity and why is it important to you? 
Robb: Ma Velez’s Family Reach Foundation! I absolutely love what they do by giving money directly to families battling cancer!
How many laps of the course do you plan on doing? 
Robb: I’ve already run the course 10+ times, just going to watch over things Saturday! Although I’d LOVE to do a few laps!
10468215_728910597197289_4216373144031105152_oWhat is your favorite obstacle this year? 
Robb: My favorite obstacle is really just the terrain itself. It’s amazingly diverse. It’s almost the perfect blend of hills, trail running, technical running and down hills. It really has it ALL!
Will there be free ice cream again? 
Robb: No free ice cream 🙁
Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?
Robb: No I like White Sand, Cold Can, koozie in my hand just a summertime strolling! 🙂
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