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Introducing, the 2018 NES Board

For the past several weeks, we have been accepting nominations, taking votes, and today we can finally introduce you to the New England Spahtens board that will lead the community through 2018.

But first, why have a board? Historically, we’ve had a small group of founders, who simply “admin’d” everything. In recent years, we involved enthusiastic regulars as Ambassadors who helped get stuff done, and spread the workload – as managing our community, our store, our #racelocal program and all the respective FB groups and social media outlets can somedays feel like a full time job.

So, we formed ourselves into a 501c7 (non-profit sports social club) and today, we announce our first fully elected board.

But first:

Thank you. To every single person who voted. It’s YOUR opinion that will drive the future of the NES community.
Thank you. To everyone who stood for a position, win or lose. Without your willingness to step up to the plate and lead, we wouldn’t have a strong community or strong board.
Thank you. To everyone who has helped us get here. From the original founders, who sat down at a Spartan Race way back in 2012 and said “what if?”, to the Ambassadors who have helped us progress, spread the workload, provided input on good (and terrible!) ideas as we’ve gone.

And those votes sure did count. 60% of our membership voted, and two of the contested positions came down to fewer than 10 votes.

Now, lets introduce you to the new, 2018 NES Board:

President: Paul Jones
Vice President: Kayleigh Elizabeth
Treasurer: Jessica Wohlen
Secretary: Sandy Rhee
Membership: Niki Leonard
Product: Hannah Hawley
#racelocal: Sean Martin
Social Media: Josh Chace
Training/Competitive: Kortney McKenzie
Youth: Shaina Brooks

and I look forward to working with each and every one of them!

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