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iPhone and iPad cases available!

New team gear! Working through a company that produces photography gifts, novelties and similar photographic quality printing – we’ve sourced a really slick looking iPhone case and iPad portfolio case!

The iPhone case is white, slick plastic, with a wrap around design. I got mine in today, and it looks awesome. I’m a big fan of minimalist cases on my phones, and this is as slick as they come. It fits an iPhone 4 or 4s, and an iPhone 5 option is also available.

The iPad portfolio comes in a black and a red faux leather option, and can act as a stand or case – I’ll be placing my order.

These have roughly a 10 day turn around time, keep this in mind if ordering for the holidays!

iPhone 4s case
iPhone 4s case

These can be ordered at will – no bulk order needed. Prices run $30 for the iPhone case and $36 for the iPad folio, and that includes shipping charges directly to you from the printers.


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