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Iron Warrior Dash, a quick review

Warrior Dash – the entry level, “easy” OCR recently held one of the few 12 – 15 mile Iron Warrior Dash events that will be hosted this year – and while they won’t be bringing them ot New England yet – we were able to get a review of the course from Steve Power, who attended one recently.

It sounds like a pretty awesome event … over to Steve

Iron Warrior Dash medal

Hey all you NE Spahtens!

I’m Steve Power from Georgia & ran the 2nd Iron Warrior Dash last Saturday.

I’ve done about 10 Spartan races with a couple of beasts in those 10 & I definitely rank the Iron Warrior with those. In fact, I’m not far from saying it was my favorite.

It’s runner & obstacle friendly. Part of our 15 mile course is the actual Warrior Dash course at the beginning. You have a lot of obstacles in that first 3-4 miles but after that the obstacles are spread out nicely. It gives you time to recover from the run & obstacles.

A lot of this has to do with the type of obstacles too. The majority of them were unique, meaning things I’ve never seen before plus they made you slow down & think. That helped to keep my legs strong. Of course they were tired at the end but was still running strong considering it was almost 15 miles & the elevation. They take advantage of terrain & elevation! All the obstacles are doable. “Peggy Sue” was the only one that I didn’t complete. Being that it is a difficult obstacle it was also strategically placed near the end. They also had a very long creek run. I enjoy these because they allow you to build up a little stamina again.

Water & Gatorade stations were plenty throughout the course. I ran with 3 gel paks & only used 2. Hydration on the course was no problem. This depends on how you hydrate & fuel before race day too. The only issue I had with the course was the mud pit at the end. It’s horribly long & backed up. If you are running for time, which I was, go around! I should have. Lost 5-10 minutes easily in that pit. It’s the very last obstacle & to lose that kind of time because people didn’t know how to get thru it or didn’t care about their time was a let down. Hopefully they will have a separate one for the serious competitors in the future events. Outside of that everything else was perfect!

Hopefully this helps & gives a little insight in what to expect. Good luck to all & you will feel great of the accomplishment of this race! Maybe I will see some of you at the one in your area!

Steve Power
Power Thru

iron warrior dash obstacle

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  1. I'm really hoping this comes to New England. We most likely have some of the highest demand and competition up here!

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