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The New England Spahtens form a community of obstacle course race enthusiasts of all levels and abilities. From elite athletes looking to be pushed to the next level, to the weekend warriors hoping to finish their first race and make some new friends.

No membership fees. No membership requirements. Welcome.

Check out our handbook to get started –


9 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. Hi, I met some of your people at the Spartan Sprint in Killington last month and am interested in people to race and train with. How do I join?

  2. Where do u sign up to join your group?

  3. I'm interested in joining tbeCt group. Would like to do the grit and wit as s team

  4. I would love to join you guys and race with you! Looking for a good group of people to do my first spartian race with. Have talked to a few in the group at prior races I’ve volunteered at and you all seem pretty cool and willing to help out someone who is just starting out

  5. I am interested in joining the NE Spahtens in the Concord/Laconia area what do I need to do?
    Thank you

  6. im interested in joining in the Worcester area

    1. Glenda, read the content on this page – it’ll guide you to the team. We’ve got lots of people in the Worcester area!

  7. love to join you guys

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