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Jumping in the deep end

A recent article about a marathon runner and his road to recovery touches on our little world – mentioning how he was almost paralyzed after jumping in the mud pit of the Hoppin’ Mad Mud Run

Now – I was at that race, and also went through that pit – and I have NO IDEA what he was thinking (and being fair, in his article he states pretty much the same thing!)

The mud pit at Hoppin Mad is shallow, and has ropes over it to indicate you should get down and crawl, and I don’t recall them posting any photos of people jumping in – but it does bring up mental pictures of seeing people do just that.

Paul in the Hopin' Mad Mud Run mud pit
Paul in the Hopin’ Mad Mud Run mud pit

I’ve seen it countless times before – races that show big, dramatic air from people jumping into tiny little mud pits – one NH race I attended has a bus jump, into a mud pit that was barely ankle deep by the time I got to it.

Don't do this.
Don’t do this.

Play Smart, Spahtens. Play smaht.

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  1. This isn't the sign of a bad OCR, it's the sign of Darwin awards and honorable mentions. If the mud puddle doesn't get them, some other foolish act will.

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