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Lifecycle of a Spartan Race enthusiast …

deltaEach year, Spartan Race tries new and interesting ways to bring in more attendance. This is done by trying to attract their previous attendees back – and looking for new markets who haven’t done a Spartan event before.

Recently, this took form of a “Spartan Delta” – which was either the worst planned marketing campaign ever, or an accidental leak of information. Or both. The internet rhetoric varied between “OMG! A NEW THING! I MUST HAVE THE NEW THING! I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT I WANT THREE!” to “meh”

and I found myself firmly in the “meh” realm. I could care less what this thing is. I’m not going to travel to get one, and I’m not going to put my personal $ or time down to chase it. A few years ago, I did travel. I did care.

And I got to wondering when that attitude shift happened. So I got to writing this slightly tongue in cheek, slightly autobiographical piece. As others read it, they identified with it too, so here you go – digest and enjoy.

Year OneI’ve registered for one of those extreme Spartan things. I think I’m going to die. Will someone hold my hand?

Year TwoI heard there’s this trifecta thing? I don’t know if I can do it. Wish me luck! Man, I’m setting an awesome example for my kid! My Facebook profile photo has never been so badass! and everyone is awesome! I NAILED THE SPEAR THROW!

Year Threealright! Season pass time! I’m getting all the trifectas! I’m going to be the baddest ass Spartan ever! Can’t wait to try all the new things! Wait, what new things? Oh, another rope climb and spear throw and monkey bar setup? The view on this new mountain is good though. Yeah. The view. I miss my family. I don’t spend enough time with them.

Year FourNew season, new challenges! Maybe I’ll do a few less races this year though. That twelve hour road trip to the sprint in a parking lot was a long way … Oh, same rope climb and spear throw and monkey bar setup as last year, huh? At least I’m getting this years badass medal and shirt …

Year FiveI have too many f’in t shirts anyway. Time to pay off some credit cards …

6 thoughts on “Lifecycle of a Spartan Race enthusiast …

  1. Lmao thats exactly how I feel. Ill get my trifecta but im not traveling

  2. Yup pretty much sums up my time line!

  3. Just FYI, the phrase is "I couldn't care less."

  4. Wow. I've followed that exactly. I'm at the season 4 stage now. It looks like I'm retiring next year. 😉

  5. Boom. Exactly. Only I never did the season pass part. Lol

  6. This is EXACTLY me this season…I am doing more Yoga and muscle building to get ready for surf season…I need to be covered in salt water and sand this summer rather than mud and scrapes. And my Wallet is thanking me.

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