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Medals into fridge magnets

medalsmagnetI posted this to the New England Spahtens group some time ago, but wanted to put it out more publicly, where it’s easier to find – it’s a cool, fun little home project that turns some of your medals into a useful item you can still display in the home!





What you need:

  • Rare earth magnets with adhesive backing
  • Spare medals
  • Fridge

The magnets I use are these guys from Amazon.magnetprocess

A pack costs under $10 and will do a few medals.

WARNING – Don’t lose these. They are tiny. Don’t let kids play with them. They are strong.

  • Take the lanyard off your medal (recycle that as a cool key lanyard).
  • Wipe the back down to remove mud and gunk, and dry it off.
  • Take four magnets, one per corner, and stick them on with the adhesive side.
  • Let them sit for a while for the adhesive to take.
  • Slap them on your fridge!

Keep collecting!

Medals into magnets! @f.i.t.challenge #nespahtens

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