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Who’s had one of these moments during a race? Leave a comment, share it.


Seek yours this weekend at Fenway, or World Toughest. Good luck to everyone!

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  1. A little background on this photo:
    Killington, VT – Sept 22, 2012 – SR Beast (15ish miles)
    It took 10 hours to finish this course. I broke my hand at approximately mile 3 on the monkey bars. I thought I just sprained my finger, but I had actually broken the 3rd metacarpal in my left hand. I also had some serious pain from my IT Band starting around mile 4 or 5. I still finished. I would have finished anyway, but fellow Spartan Aja Varney was with me for the whole painful experience.

    I learned a lot about what I could accomplish on this day. I was in a LOT of pain when this photo was taken. I crossed the finish line and immediately started to cry. I cried because I was happy that I finished. I cried because my IT band was causing me so much pain. I cried out of frustration that I could have done better. I cried because it was the only thing I could do right then! I piece of me was left at the Beast – I intend to reclaim it in 2013 and it doesn’t matter if it is the same mountain or a different one!

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