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NE Spahtens do 100 Mile Summer recap.

Team Mike McNeil member, and New England Spahten, Mark Gearin initiated a challenge before Memorial Day – run 100 miles before Labor Day.

For some, this was a couple of weeks work – for others, the task was daunting – it ended over Labor Day weekend, and he sent me over a recap of the challenge – and if you want, you can hop into the new Labor Day to Fenway 100 mile, 100 pushup challenge too – just join our community, and check this event out. 



This summer 73 Spahtens took on the challenge of running 100 miles between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Some pledged to do more while others panicked at the idea of even running 100 miles.  To sweeten the challenge, some even pledged donations to charity if they did not complete the challenge.  The spreadsheet was created and member signed up and waited for the 27th to arrive.  The final pledged miles were posted at 8,850.  A very lofty goal.

The day came and some hit the ground running logging in more than 10% of their challenge miles while others started slowly.  We had 90+ days to get it done so there was no need to panic yet.  Miles were posted and people took notice and signed up to get in on the event.  Things like “If that person can do it, so can’t I.  How do I sign up?”

The summer rolled on and more miles were posted.  There were Spahtens that finished their miles early and pledged additional miles to keep them running.  Others fell behind but had time to get there.  The postings in the event page kept coming, Runtastic, Runkeeper, and Map My Run postings filled the page and there were pictures of people running, walking, and hiking their miles away inspiring others to get their miles in.

Those last few weeks were upon the group and most of us were close. We needed to get this done. We were going to finish.  The Spahtens were there to cheer us on every mile.  Member that have never run more than 100 miles EVER were close to finishing their summer goal.  Just 3 more 5K’s or 2 more long runs to get this done.  The finish line was near and we were going to cross it no matter what.

In the end, these 73 special people that pledged to run 8,850 miles during the summer finished 8,576.5 miles. 96.91 % of the goal.  A true hero’s effort put in.  People finished early while others finished on the last day and got in every last mile.  Donations were also collected totaling close to $650 from the group. This included donations from those that finished the challenge. For that, a Heartfelt Thank You to those that donated to whatever charity you picked to support.

Finished or not, It doesn’t matter.  This group had the courage to put their name on the sheet and  gave it an effort.  That is what this group is about, the courage to challenge one’s self to complete a goal.

We are New England Spahtens.

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