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New Race: Escape / Jailbreak

Recently, I had the pleasure of a conversation with Jim, from Wicked Awesome Ideas – he had been brought to my attention by one of the members of our community because he and his organization were about to step into the world of obstacle course racing with their new event, Escape / Jailbreak


Of course, the first thing I wanted to know – was he for real? Do they have what it takes to step into the OCR world? Should we even bother sending a team?

It seems he does. We’ve all heard of terrible events – both local and national events that just don’t come through – Jim has too, and he’s trying to make sure his event doesn’t fall into that trap.

Wicked Awesome Ideas is his production company and day job – they have been putting on well rated road races for a while now and using that as a way to nail down the logistics of organizing an event. They have contracted a private, dedicated company to help them with obstacle construction and layout too, so they aren’t “cheaping out” there – plus, they have a focus on *fun*, which is nice to hear when every new OCR out there is telling us how tough and hard and difficult they’ll be …

They also put together a fun video – which while professional and fun, doesn’t have too much in the way of obstacle details – something they continue to work on.


So – I definitely think they have a race worth looking at, and they will be providing us with a Spahten team discount – we’ll also be sending someone along to review the event
for those who want to let a race have one under their belt before committing.


July 13th and 14th
Hanover MA
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