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New Race – Thunder Run NH


Thunder Run NH is a new event, held at the New England Dragway Grounds, in Epping NH on May 17th 2014.

I had the chance to have a phone conversation with the team behind the event – and I think they may be one worth keeping your eyes on, and if you aren’t already scheduled to be at Tuff Scramblers, Bonefrog or CMC that day, check them out.

It’s not uncommon to talk to Race Directors when they are early in the planning for their events – but what is uncommon is for them to be so open to input. The team behind Thunder Run have read all the community and featured reviews and clearly are absorbing what it takes to put on a good event.

With plans for running this annually, they were very interested in hearing what they would need to do at every level. From how many volunteers they will need, where they should put their water stops, how important medals and schwag are to the finishers and more.

They had some great ideas for their obstacles – the venue is a motor speedway, so natural terrain will be used heavily, and they had some interesting ideas about scaling different sizes of obstacles.

So – while they have a lot of work to do – May isn’t very far away after all – they do show promise at this early stage. If you run the event, be sure to leave a review!

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