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  1. I bought these impulsively before 24 hours of Shale Hell simply because they were beautiful and they’re now my fourth pair of ice bugs. They absolutely did not disappoint. I wore them out on my first two laps at 24 hours and while they weren’t studded, the traction on them was better than any other brand I’ve tried. They are a little wider than the acceleritas but that didn’t bother me. I felt like they drained well and even after two laps, I had no blisters forming. I would have worn them out again but I wanted to give my other shoes a try. I have the studded version as well, I believe, but that’s another review.

  2. I have been wearing studded Icebug Sprint for close to a year now. I chose these over my Inov8 and Brooks for all trail and obstacle runs.

    As other state, the fit is not perfect. I would prefer a wider shoe to cut down on the rubbing of the “runners” ever present problem of bunions etc.

    Even with this, I choose this shoe for all the positives it provides.

    Did the Spartan Trifecta last year along with OCR Worlds with excellent wear and tear.

    Traction was what i needed and expected from this brand.

    Highly recommend!

  3. These are a boot. Not a shoe, not a sneaker – a studded, ankle length boot.

    And I love them for running events in the winter time. They are flexible and mobile enough I can run in them. They’re insulated and good for -30f too.

    Wouldn’t touch them in the summer, but for winter running events – perfect.

  4. For courses like Shale Hill, Killington, and places where it can get steep, super muddy, off trail, and lots of climbing nothing is better than a studded Icebug. When climbing walls, they make you feel like Spiderman!

    I have wide feet, so I do find they take some breaking in to get them to stretch out.

  5. A much more roomy Icebug shoe – the tread pattern is tighter and less aggresive, but the OLX version still has studs. I’ve worn thse for long distance events, although they tend to be a little bulky and heavy. Long term, I’ve had some studs fall out too – so, a solid shoe, but not my fav.

  6. Starting with the DTS, and moving to the Zeal, I am a fan of the Icebug brand. The BUgrip (in my humble opinion) is the only way to go with these shows (studded).

    One small back and one larger one:

    The fit isn’t awesome. I have large feet, semi flat, and I over-pronate when I run. The DTS are wider than the Zeals, which aren’t awful (but not wonderful). I have never had an issue with rocks getting into either.

    Where both styles fall flat for me is drainage; they are built for trail running and not for being submerged completely under water. I’ve never blistered before, not in the service, not in my road running days. I can always count on my big toes blistering due to the shoe not draining. I pull it off after a wet race and it’s like emptying a partially full cup.

    All this said, the grip, stability and safety the shoes give me on the course is worth the blisters. I won’t run an event without them.

  7. I have been wearing the studded Icebug Zeal for a year now, and they’re my “go to” OCR shoe at present.

    They’re ugly. Hideous. The orange/green color scheme? Really?
    They’re a little snug for me – but I have worn them for long distance Beast events with no problems.
    After a year, I’ve had to glue pieces back on – no big deal for a pair of shoes that get so abused.

    The traction though. The OLX studs, and aggressive lugs beneath them are unbeatable in OCR.

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