3 thoughts on “Inov-8

  1. Mostly comfortable, superior grip, very durable, zero drainage.

    I’ve put about 100 miles of OCR / trail races on these shoes and they basically look brand new after cleaning them off. There are two width options for x-talons and I went with the wider of the two, the standard fit. At times they have still felt a little too narrow, so I’ve laced them to allow even more room in the toe box. I’ve yet to have a problem with my toes / toenails running down hills whether it was Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow or the really steep slopes at Killington. I always feel confident speeding down dirt tracks and through mud because the grip is excellent. The one negative is the lack of drainage. They will fill with water and it will slosh around and weigh them down long after you step out the water.

    Overall, they are fantastic shoes but I do still consider wearing, and have worn my torn Reebok Supers for smaller races if I know there will be some water to slosh through.

  2. I was lucky enough to win a pair of Inov-8 shoes through a raffle the NE Spahtens held a few weeks ago! I chose a pair of X-Talon 190s in mens 10.5US since that’s the size I wear in their F-lites.

    When they came in tried them on immediately and the fit was perfect. (I previously had a pair of older style X-Talon in size 10 and after Killington couldn’t bear the thought of putting them on again ….they were just too small and painful after 9 hours in the wilds of Vermont)

    As far as traction, they can’t be beat in the mud, loose gravel, and soil. My only ding (which I guess would go for any heavy cleats) is traction on slippery wood like slip walls or very smooth vertical walls. The thinness of the lugs just don’t get enough bite.

    These new 190s have a nice wide forefoot. so much so, I was able to lace them normally for the Super last Saturday and had zero discomfort (except for the heel blister I developed I assume for running in brand new, not broken-in shoes.)

    Overall I love inov8 shoes, and love these new X-Talons!

  3. I was given these as a Christmas gift in 2015. Six months of training in them, including all kinds of indoor and outdoor running, jumping, climbing, crawling, lifting, etc, etc, and they held up beautifully at the June 6th 2016 Spartan Sprint in Barre, MA. This was my first time getting them SOAKED and coated in mud. Afterwards I washed them off, and they dried out after a day in the sun. Still light, flexible, solid. Hoping these last the rest of the Spartan Season for me, at which point I intend to replace with another set of Inov-8s. Can’t recommend these enough!

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