Reebok entered the OCR shoe space with their All Terrain series, after securing title sponsorship with Spartan Race. They have released several variations of the All Terrain since then – each one a significant improvement over the last.

Have you owned a pair of these? If so – leave your review below!


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  1. I got these shoes at the Reebok Outlet sale us Spahtens got codes to earlier in the year and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are now my go to shoes for events where I know I will get wet due to the drainage slots built into the shoes that work phenomenally well and the overall lightness of the shoes.

    I am prone to stress fractures, so I like shoes that have some extra cushioning and these work great. They have actual laces as well, as opposed to the drawstring style that I’ve seen other Reebok styles sport which is a pro to me. The traction on these is also really great – nice deep, multi-angled tread on the bottom that has held up to a variety of terrains.

    – Great drainage
    – Real laces (not drawstrings)
    – Easy to clean
    – Awesome tread for trail running
    – Light weight, with great cushioning

    – Back lip of shoe falls a little lower on my ankle than I prefer, but ensuring socks are above shoe remedies without issue
    – Wish they had had other colors options available (Looks like they do now online)

  2. I got my Terrains at the Canton store just three days before I wore them to run my first Super (Barre, just a few weeks ago). I was a bit hesitant because my wife hasn’t been that happy with the pair she has had for the past couple years. I decided to give them a shot anyway, because I don’t have the wide-foot issue that some have.. Plus, she has the older generation of the Terrains, and I was told that many improvements were made in the new generation. I have to say I am STOKED! I LOVE THESE SHOES! Perfect they are not, but no shoes are. I got them on Thursday, wore them around the festival (as a spectator) on Saturday to “break them in” (which they didn’t really need), and then wore them for my first ever Super on Sunday. They were so F’Ing nice! I felt like I was hardly wearing shoes at all.. Until I needed traction in the mud, and they they felt like I had claws on my feet. I truly believe that they made the course easier for me, and I can’t wait to wear them up and down Killington Mountain, for my first BEAST, in just under 3 weeks!

  3. An oddity in the All Terrain range – released along with the second generation shoes, the Thunder doesn’t have the heavy lugged tread of the shoes your more familiar with. They do however, have much more room in the toe box, and are about the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I ended up using these as dailies, and the trail ready – but not mud / obstacle ready tread was fine for every day use.

  4. These are the most comfortable All Terrains yet, in my opinion.

    With a much wider toe box than before, more padding in the mid sole and a significant heel raise (which I don’t particularly like) – these are otherwise very close to the regular All Terrain – well lugged, good drainage. The material is the same as previous generations, not the Cordua of the OR model, but with more room there should be less friction spots, and hopefully more durable. Designed for comfort and training, these became my hiking / trail running shoes very quickly.

    A first look post from my first day with them:

  5. This third generation of All Terrains now comes in two flavors. The OR is the “Obstacle Racer” model, and specifically designed for race day. With the same narrow fit as before, but now with speedlaces. They retained the drainage function, made them minimal drop and minimal padding.

    Biggest change was a move to Cordua material on the upper, which promises to be much more durable than the previous generations. I posted a “first look” when I first got these.

  6. The first generation of Reebok All Terrains brought some great features – significant lugs for traction, unique drainage holes that set the industry bar high.

    Unfortunately, they only fit narrow feet and the fabric upper would tear easily – wether from twigs or branches, or simply your own feet pushing them and causing wear spots by the little toe.

    I actually posted a comparison video between these and some other shoes I had at the time here:

    and after my first test wear:

    A great introduction – but future versions improved.

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