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  1. This was my first OCR shoe, and a really solid start to the experience. The Speedcross (looks like the series 3 has been replaced by the 4) is comfortable and a sturdy shoe, at least for a while. DO NOT wear this shoe if you’re running on concrete. Your feet will hate you for days, thanks to the big lug type grips on the bottom. An aftermarket insole would be a good addition to this shoe if you like some padding. Definitely use some adhesive to stick the insole to the bottom of the shoe if you keep their insole in because it will slip down. I don’t like the speed laces. They are convenient but they hit the top of my foot in all the wrong places and leave sore spots since you can’t change the lacing pattern. The shoes drain pretty well. Some find them a little on the heavy side, but I didn’t think they were. I’ve had 2 pair now and they’ve blown out at the pinky toe, one pair after only a season of wear (and I don’t run a ton of races so this was disappointing). 2 friends have had the same issues with theirs as well.

  2. These were my first “OCR” shoes. Until I bought these I was running in just New Balance trail runners. I liked the high ankle support and the aggressive tread. I found I had great traction during hill climbs and through muddy terrain. I like the lacing system but agree it’s a little tough to get the laces to feel “just right”. I also liked how they felt like a protective shell around my feet when going through rocky terrain. They felt like they had higher arches than I was used to but quickly adapted. I find they did tend to hold water and muck but at least I never felt like I was going to lose them in knee deep mud. I found I had trouble clamping the rope for climbing in these…and also traction against walls when trying to climb (things I am able to do in the gym with my normal running shoes).

  3. Being my second ocr and my first with my shoes fully submerged in water I’m not so sure my review holds water but these shoes sure do. First I’d like to say I really like these shoes. Good support, the speed lacing seems to work well so far and I get decent grip with them it feels like. My one con is it seems they hold water. Take into account this is my first pair of ocr shoes so I have no clue how the other brands are but if I had to do a much longer race I would definitely be looking into something that didn’t soak up as much water. Accept for the water storage I like these shoes alot, very comfortable and I like the support they give me. Thanks

  4. I have always loved the looks. Simple, black with red trim. They look good. They feel good as well, comfortable shoe.

    They don’t hold water, slog into a puddle and I find a couple steps and it’s gone. That’s a plus.

    The speed lacing is an issue, I can’t stand it. I can never get the shoe to my liking. Additionally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the grip. The conditions have to be “just right” for this shoe, rarely is it.

    Do they work in a pinch? Sure.

  5. Speedlacing, comfortable mid-sole and relatively roomy toe box. These are considered Salomons OCR shoe, but are a bit bulkier than other “race” shoes. No drainage to speak of.

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