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  1. The biggest difference between the MT-2 which I also reviewed and the Hydroventure is that the Hydroventure is designed to be water resistant. I stomped through puddles and wet patches and as long as the water didn’t creep above the top, my feet stayed nice and dry. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I never let water in above the top so I don’t know how well they will drain when that is the case.

    These were my final 7 miles at Infinitus and my feet continued to be just as happy as could be despite 34 miles on them!

    All the same fit, shape, toe box, comfort, as the MT-2.

    I cannot wait to use these in the winter with my snowshoes!

  2. I have several pairs of Topos for both road and trail.

    These are not as aggressive as some of the other shoes on the market but for the everyday trail run they are amazing. I completed 27 miles on the trails at Infinitus in them, the other 7 in my Hydroventures (review coming). Normally I am the queen of blisters, average 2-3 per foot minimum on almost all events over 10k even with Trail Toes and my double sock method of Injinjis and Darn Tough. These have a nice wide toe box that allow my toes to splay and keep them from rubbing, after 34 miles at Infinitus I only had 1 tiny little blister. My feet were truly happy, well as happy as feet can be after that much time on them.
    I never struggled with needing more aggressive tread or wishing I had anything stronger. While I was able to keep my feet nice and dry, when they do get wet, they drain nicely as they are mesh on the sides. My feet dry relatively quickly and don’t get the hot spots that other shoes can seem to give me.
    While the toe box is wide, the heel is snuggly cupped and secured, and the mid foot is also held comfortably, I do not feel like my foot is slipping or wiggly without being too tight.

    These are my new favorite trail shoes! Followed closely by the Hydroventures.

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