Vibram Five Fingers

2 thoughts on “Vibram Five Fingers

  1. Made for mud runs and sponsor of Warrior Dash the Spyridon MR has offered excellent traction in nominal conditions with the exception of mud that cakes on thicker then your grandmothers cake frosting! Another unfortunate drawback is the optimal traction will only last for approx two to three races depending on the length and severity of the races.

    They are a stiffer shoe compared to the Bikala or other running shoes. I always recommend injinji socks when running any distance in Vibrams. They help greatly with reducing blisters!

    Never make a mud run the first time you try Vibrams of any model! I recommend trying the Bikala for some time trail running to get your feet hardened to terrain and used to striking roots and even rocks as you will eventually toughen up to it. If you are a heel striker then Vibrams are NOT for you!

  2. There are many advantages to running in barefoot style, five finger shoes. Ground feel, snug fit, light weight … but when running an OCR – they don’t cut it for me. No toe protection if you slip into a tree root on a hill. Little grip. They drain well, and are super light – but for me, they don’t do the job.

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