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OCR Newbie – Race Day logistics

You’ve packed your bag.

You’ve dressed in your race day finery.

What the heck happens next? Race day can be confusing, hectic, rushed – and if you are new, a little overwhelming too. I hope to clear up some of the logistics and expectations for those who are coming to their first event.NE_Spahtens_FINAL

Really, it boils down to being prepared. Know where you need to go, and know how long it will take to get there. Spartan Race have already announced they expect record attendance at this event, so allowing for extra drive time will be one less thing to worry about. Really, you can’t be too early.


Important – you will NOT be parking at the venue. Confirm your drive time to get to:

Seabrook Greyhound Park
319 New Zealand Road, Seabrook, NH  03874

and allow an additional 15mins to get the school bus shuttle to the actual race venue. If you are running in the Hurricane Heat, or have paid extra for VIP parking, you will have other arrangements. It is usually recommended you get to the venue approximately 1h before your wave – I would aim to be parking your car around 9am, if you intend on running with the team.

Checking in:

Prior to the event, you will be provided with a waver to print, and your bib number. Make a note of both, as it saves you additional time when you arrive at the venue and need to check in. Make sure you have your completed waiver, your bib number and your ID. You will be dropped off near the registration tents, and they will be arranged by bib number or name.

If you need this information, you can find it on the Spartan Race event page a few days prior to the race.



Once you’ve handed over your waiver and they check your ID, you will get a few things. A bib and some safety pins. A headband. A timing chip. Just follow the lead of everyone around you here 🙂

You’re now checked in, and ready to race! Come find the biggest team tent, and you’ll be with the Spahten family 🙂

Some other things worth noting:

  • Bag check can be busy, drop your bag off early (if you use it at all).
  • Have cash so you can buy tickets for food and water.
  • Get over to the starting corral shortly after the 10am wave has left. We’ll be doing our team photo there, prior to our wave at 10:15am.
  • Meet new people. The Spahtens are a large, extended community and there will be a LOT of new folks, many of who will be nervous. Introduce yourself, say hi.
  • I’ll be bringing Spahten schwag – cash only please!
  • Have FUN!

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