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OCR Unleashed …

New England is a great place to be, if you’re like us and a fan of obstacle course racing.

We have the best races born right here. We have the best races held right here, and clearly, we have the best team and community.

We also have the most amazing training facilities. From our own community sources training, to the wonderful Shale Hill Adventure Farm – and at the opposite end of the region, Unleashed in Rhode Island.


Unlike Shale Hill, Unleashed is an indoor venue – so those of you who can’t stand the cold of a Vermont race in February will be pleased 🙂 They have a 6,000 sq/ft facility and they are focussed heavily on obstacle course racing – with monkey bars, ropes, walls – everything. Private and group classes, they are also Spartan Group X certified – so they know what they’re doing, and are certified by the best.

Even better – this coming weekend they have an open house, with free OCR training going on – if you’re in the area and aren’t at a race, I’d strongly encourage you to throw your Spahten shirt on and go check them out.

Open Day – July 27th

We have a full day of OCR / FUNCTIONAL TRAINING classes going on!! Also we will have most of our training/coaching staff on hand to help people with anything they want, race and general nutrition, OCR questions, hands on obstacle training and instructions from our staff including two who are CERTIFIED SPARTAN GROUP X COACHES!!

We will be having 3 actual 1hr classes 

8:30am OCF (obstacle course fit)
9:30am bootcamp mix
10:30am a crazy mix of EVERYTHING UNLEASHED has to offer!!

Lots of venders have singed on to be there for info and specials Preform better, go nuts peanut butters BOLD R DASH RACE and more!!!

We have lots of cool and exciting toys to play with climbing tops, cargo net, traverse rope course, 36ft incline/decline monkey bars,turfed area with sled pushes and pulls, hoist ropes. 6ft, 8ft and 10ft walls to go over and under!! Much more including an outdoor training area that will be adding to the fun.

They have big plans too – with Ultra Beast 24h bootcamps, an OCR seminar on the 18th of August, challenge days – it’s worth following them on Facebook, as it sounds like they have big plans, big ideas, and are putting them into action.

Even better – mention you are part of the NE Spahtens group when signing up for class, and the usual $15 drop in rate will be $10! Huge thanks to Kevin Roy for making that happen!

I’m looking forward to heading down there for some training and fun one of these days (you know, when there aren’t races happning)

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