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OCR – weekend activity, or weeknight TV?

2000px-NBC_Sports_logo_1989-2011.svgSpartan Race have their own TV show on NBC, and it’s no secret they’re testing the waters with team shows and ninja warrior style broadcasts. They showcase their Elite athletes and pro team, with the occasional “feel good” story thrown in there. They want to replicate the success of Ninja Warrior – but for OCR.

Battlefrog are now sponsoring the Fiesta Bowl, and have had their own foray into broadcast television with their college short course show recently.

So – as the news that this Fiesta Bowl sponsorship spreads, over at, who ran the press release today, a commenter points out one critical problem with all this television ..

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“the BattleFrog lifestyle” includes sitting on the couch for several hours watching bowl games? Thats how competitors prep for “the most challenging Elite Points Series events in OCR”?

Television is often touted as the next big step OCR has to crack. If we want our sport to grow, people will need to know OCR exists. But, what if – rather than being inspired to come out to an event, getting cold, wet, muddy (and exhilarated and pushed to limits and beyond in the process) – what if all this television really does is cause people to … tune into the next episode?

OCR is inspirational. It’s motivational. It gets you running, climbing, crawling and conquering. When did you last get that inspired and motivated by a ball game sponsor?

Is OCR on television a good thing? Great thing? Or a bunch of marketing money spent in the wrong place?

3 thoughts on “OCR – weekend activity, or weeknight TV?

  1. "what if all this television really does is cause people to … tune into the next episode?"
    I believe anyone that would just tune in to the next episode is unlikely to get involved in OCR in the first place, but I think that it could inspire some people to want to get involved.

  2. Would love to hear about it!

  3. I am flying to atlanta Monday to be in the show ,so we will see!

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