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Perseus, Odysseus, Heracles and You!

It isn't a race against a clock, its a race against your Will.

Make his fight on the hill in the early day
Constant chill deep inside…

Towering before you.  It makes you feel small, weak and insignificant.  It’s giant granite edifice looms at you, 4241 feet above sea level. The peak is a 3050 foot  vertical rise from the starting line.  It’s sheer, colossal, magnitude is a weight on your mind.  You question your sanity, your ability, and your Will.  You are staring into the belly of a Titan.  A Titan that has been resting since the Olympians defeated it to secure their thrones on Mount Olympus.  It is the Beast of the East.  Today, it is simply The Beast.

There are many ways to approach your own date with destiny.  You can hit the ground running and pound the Beast into the ground.  Bend it, break it, make it submit to your will.  Or you can pace yourself, out smart its traps and follies, finesse vs. force.  At some point you will have to do both.  Your approach to each challenge will differ from those around you.  Never quit, never submit.  The end is your goal.  Don’t take the Beast as one gigantic obstacle, break it into the task at hand.  You cant lift 2000 pounds all at once but you can lift 20 pounds 100 times with out a problem.  Remember why you are there, stay focused on your goal, and you will prevail.

The Beast is a Heroic journey like no other, this will be your Herculean trial. However this is not an insurmountable task.  You can overcome this Leviathan.  All of your training, the countless miles of running and innumerable pounds hoisted and lowered.  They will be enough to carry you through this odyssey, but you can’t slay the Beast by strength alone.  To arrive at the finish victorious you must draw on your Will and your Desire.  Long after your strength has left you.  After your endurance has become simple survival, it is your desire to prevail that will bring you into the arms of your battle hardened comrades.  When weakness overcomes you, exhaustion is crushing you, take a deep breath close your eyes and clear your mind.  When you open them, you will only see the small task in front of you.  Complete that task and move on.

Crushed by brutes or out witted by knaves The Beast puts each person to the task.  Strength and Will are the weapons at your disposal.  Use them wisely, like water in a desert you’ll never know when they will run out.  Good luck out there.  Return Victorious.

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