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Playing in the Mud – Monday Memory – Earn It

Today on Memory Monday, I go back to July 6.  The message is simple, Earn it.  I remind people that they are never alone on a race course.  They have all of their friends and teammates with them every step of the way.  People really do care about one another and when we can’t be at a race, the next best thing is our friend’s successes.

Back in July I reminded my friends to earn it and keep playing in the mud!


Earn it.

When you are on the course this weekend, earn it. Do not take it for granted. Enjoy each step, each obstacle, each climb, wall, mud pit and everything else you encounter. Look at the course in front of you and own it. Make it yours and attack it.

I tell you because there are people that are not out there. We are not out there because of timing, injury, finances, family and many other reasons. We are living through you, your race, your finish, your photos and your posts. We cannot wait to be proud of you, congratulate you for a job well done and to “like” your photos. We want to feel like we were part of your race, and while we may not be on the course physically, we ARE there. We are there in the back of your mind, never letting you fail.

We want you to kill it. We want to be proud of you. We want to hear of your triumphs and the stories. We want to know of the difficulties and of the failures. More importantly, we want to feel that a little part of us is there with you.

You may be saying to yourself, what are you talking about Russ. This is my point. There are many of us in my shoes. We want to be there, we are jealous that you are there and it kills us to not be able to race along side of you. So do this.

Do it for us. Attack the course with all of us with you. Every time you feel tired, remember that you have so many people giving you energy. Every time that you face a hill, we are pushing you up. When you are crawling through mud, we are pulling you through. If you want to quit, we are all yelling at you to DFQ. And when you realize that the finish line is right on front of you, we have all formed around that finish line to cheer your accomplishment.

You are never alone on a course. Even if you look round and do not see another soul, you are never alone. You have so many people along with you. We are there for you. We are your biggest fans and we cannot wait to see your finishing medal around your neck.

Thank you my friends for racing. You continue to inspire me to be a better person and you always remind me that I am never alone.

Earn it. Kill it. Have fun with it. Tell us all about it,we cannot wait.

Thank you for keep reading. I cannot wait to be inspired by you all!


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