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UPDATE – Press Release: New England Spahtens and Dunkin’ Donuts partnership

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Sponsorship is a topic that has come up over and over again, and it’s never been an easy one to answer.

Not because we don’t want it – we want to grow. We want to sponsor athletes. We want to expand and develop the New England spahtens as a team and as a brand. Anyone at Harvard this weekend saw the rewards of those efforts.

It’s not because we’ve not had offers – local gyms, nutrition companies, crossfit affiliates – all kind and appreciated offers, but nothing that gets us moving as far, and as quickly as we feel we can go in this exploding sport.

Most recently though – we couldn’t answer the sponsorship questions because we weren’t allowed to. When you work with a big corporation and you talk to lawyers, and marketing teams, and blah blah blah. You get the idea.

Today though – we can finally break the news to the team. Expect a full press release on their side by the end of the day, I hope, and many many more updates to follow.

The New England Spahtens is now officially sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, in a one year, renewable partnership!

They are a huge name in New England (throw a rock, you’ll hit one), and sponsor (or are affiliated with) other major (and minor) teams across the region – some you may have heard of 🙂 The Red Sox, the Patriots and now, the Spahtens!

They also “own” the Dunkin Donuts Center in RI, and we’re discussing our ability to access those facilities as I type. Talk about taking Harvard stair training up a notch!

This, clearly, is huge. We bring an incredibly new, incredibly fast growing sport to their stable of sporting and athletic partnerships – and like Reebok’s deal with Spartan – they get in on the ground floor. We bring one of the WORLDS largest dedicated teams, and arguably, the most organized and close nit community.

And, we’re all RIGHT IN THEIR BACKYARD! We have more members, races, training days, events per season than anywhere else in the country – they want in on that.

You can guarantee that there will be more to come on this … watch this space …



Happy April Fools!

More than a week in the planning, a week spent dropping teasers, and an entire morning trying to keep a straight face. We fooled OCR magazines, race directors and many many participants in the group (including one guy who knew it was coming).

See you next year?


8 thoughts on “UPDATE – Press Release: New England Spahtens and Dunkin’ Donuts partnership

  1. I thought this was a joke until I mentioned I was a Spahten and they gave be free donut holes with my coffee!! AROO!!

  2. you’re not supposed to say its a joke until the end of the day….sheeesh

  3. I'm really excited about this! Do I just tell the cashier that I am a New England Spahten to claim my 90% off discount or do I have to be wearing my official Spahten gear?

    I'm looking forward to the new, restyled shirts in Dunkin Donuts colors. Louise S. Schneider, who has very good fashion sense, always tells me that purple is a good color for me.

  4. Awesome! Congrats folks really fantastic for the team!

  5. Awesome I go there every morning now I can say its for the good of my team.

  6. Wow! Awesome! So proud of my team!

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