Race Directors

Race Directors – what can the New England Spahtens do for you?

Who are we?

The New England Spahtens are a large group of Obstacle Course Racing fans, athletes and enthusiasts. We have members who have placed top 3 at Spartan Races – two days in a row, and folks who just want to blow off steam from the day job. We have an active Facebook community, community sourced blog content, team gear and “brand”. Our mission is to support and develop obstacle course racing in the New England area by promoting and participating in quality events that are held in the states of MA, CT, NH, ME, VT or RI.

What can we do for you?

The New England Spahtens are currently 300 strong and growing daily. We have a public Facebook page, blog and represent well at local races of all kinds – from small 5k road races, to first time local OCR’s, through to the multi-million dollar, national race series that gave us our starting point. We’ll be there to support your event, running in a team, or as a series of individuals.

We can provide consulting, or pre-race course advisory – as well as post race feedback and event reviews. We are not a business, and we are not “for profit” – this assistance and feedback is available at your request, but we will likely blog a review anyway 🙂

What can you do for us?

We love OCRs, but it’s no secret that the more OCRs that come to our area, the more we want to attend, and OCRs are expensive events to get to regularly. Help us out with a group discount, and the chances that more folks can make it to *your* event.

Do you have an affiliate program? Members of our team love to talk about OCRs to anyone they come across – and if you offer them an incentive as individuals, they will jump on it.

What next?

Head on over to the CONTACT page and reach out to us. We can chat by email or phone and figure out something that will work best for both of us!

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