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#racelocal 2016 – Prizes and bribes …

The entire goal of #racelocal is to get you to think outside the big chain series, and try the local guys.

localIt’s worth it – I believe they put on events that are as good, if not better for many reasons. I also realize no one will simply take my word for it, and well, we have to get you to try something new somehow.

So we incentivize you. We bribe you. We reward you.

In 2016, those rewards will come in two ways …

As always, we’ll be rewarding you for completing races. The more races you complete, the more swag, gear and prizes you’ll get. Everyone from previous years can tell you how cool it is to get random #racelocal swag in the mail 🙂

The race completion looks like this (for now!)

Race #3 – Medal
Race #5 – Patch and Cap
Race #10 – T Shirt
Race #15 – Hoodie

We will also be introducing a wrist band program – the more races you earn, the more exclusive your bands become. More information to come …

Air-Miles-logoLast year, the biggest success was our Wreck Bag Mileage Challenge. Who knew you crazies would like to run around in circles so much! This was such a big hit, we’re going to focus on it – and will be dropping our competitive division in favor of having an even more awesome #racelocal Mileage Challenge.

Every 25 miles, you’ll earn a #racelocal Grand Prix Poker Chip.
At 50 miles, you’ll get a Mileage Challenge T to rock
At 100 miles, you’ll be a member of the Century Club, and get an exclusive jacket that will never be for sale, and some other treats.
Can you hit 200 miles? I’m betting no one can. Prove me wrong?

We’re not done – this is just to get things rolling, and get you interested.

With Blizzard Blast, Polar Bear and Frigus launching the 2016 season in some pretty awesome style, this coming years Grand Prix is once again showcasing the best of the local race scene – and like all local businesses, they need support if we want to keep them around.


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