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#racelocal 2016 – Provisional race list …

racelocalmedal#racelocal 2015 is coming to a close. FIT will be the last race on the calendar in little over a week.

So of course, it’s time to start teasing. Apparently I got a reputation for it this past year. No idea why.

2016 will be the biggest year yet … more races, new challenges, new #racelocal swag.

12118830_10205954742122336_1636307180214149510_nNew England is so so very lucky – we have so many amazing events, with such a thriving OCR community. Our goal is to get you away from the big box races a little, and try the smaller events who try hard, provide quality, and will be there to shake your hand at the finish line. It’s worth it. They rock.

So – who are we talking about? Which races will you see as part of the 2016 #racelocal Grand Prix?

Disclaimer: this is provisional, and may will change. Full confirmed race listings will be shared in due time!

Blizzard Blast
Shale Hill – Polar Bear Challenge
Bonefrog Challenge
FIT Challenge
Endurance Society: Frigus
Tuff Scramblers
Wason Pond Pounder
Wicked Mud Run
Grit N Wit
Demon Run
Gauntlet Races
Samurai Sprint
Zombie Charge
Team Mike McNeil

It’s going to be an amazing year.

Oh – and for the second year, OCR World Championships will be honoring any four finishes (excluding virtual races) as a Journeyman qualifier for the Oct 15th / 16th event in Ottawa. So thats nice.

This list will have more additions – I have emails in my inbox for more races that simply didn’t get squared up in time. I’ll also point out the obvious – not every race has their 2016 calendar ready …

#racelocal 2016 – the best year yet?

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  1. I am ridiculously excited for '16

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