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#racelocal 2016 registration is now available!

2016racelocal#racelocal is a program we’ve operated for two years now – and it has one goal:

We aim to motivate and inspire Obstacle Course Race enthusiasts to run locally owned and operated events around New England.

We have a wealth of fantastic events – with new events showing up every year, and existing events improving and growing every year. So many people miss out, because the marketing budget doesn’t match the big boys, or because they simply aren’t sure how to find the great ones.

So, we’re here to help.

Every single event on the 2016 #racelocal calendar has held races before, and received good to great reviews.
We’ve got events that are easy, family friendly events – and events that are brutal, multi-hour endurance events.

Truly, there’s something for everyone.

We motivate you by giving you awards as you go – from shirts, to medals, to coins, to jackets and more. The more races you complete, the more miles you complete – the more awards you receive. It’s pretty sweet.

Registration for adults is $35, and registration for kids is just $20.

Thats right – kids! Many races allow younger kids and young adults to participate, so we’re going to award them too – check it out.

The program grew like crazy in 2015, and we’ve still got some fun tricks up our sleeves for 2016 – get registered today!

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