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#racelocal 2016

13227554_1051730974915248_7846188274938240777_oand like that, we’re done!

I just closed out #racelocal 2016.

For those who maybe new to our community, or have seen this hashtag flying around – you may be wondering what #racelocal is?

Four years ago, we made the decision to support locally owned and operated OCR businesses in a tangible and effective way, and started #racelocal. When you participate in #racelocal, you are putting your money into the New England owned and operated obstacle course race scene. We’re giving you awards and swag and medals for racing small, local businesses. As a concept, it’s simple – as a program it’s been very successful.

We ran up mountains, we ran in onsies, we ran around for multiple laps, we did relays, we were awarded medals by Navy Seals, we ate the worlds greatest pizza – we ran in 5 of our 6 states (sorry Maine!)

It’s always interesting to go through the numbers a little. What did 2016 actually look like?

First, we can’t go further without thanking the races and brands that hosted us.

13 brands entered 28 races.

13116286_1044608058960873_4826819008624577923_oSmithfest Events – Blizzard Blast, Runzilla and Panic in the Dark
FIT Challenge – Spring and Fall
Bone Frog Challenge – Spring and Fall
Shale Hill – Polar Bear Challenge, Jills Folly, 24 Hours of Shale Hell, Tri-Obstaclon, Relay, Halloween
Endurance Society – Frigus, Infinitus,
BoldrDash – Winter Dash, In the Mud, Fall,
Gauntlet Races – Run the Gauntlet, Rock the Gauntlet
Wason Pond Pounder
Heart Challenge,
Samurai Sprint
Wicked Mud Run
Team Mike McNeil virtual race series – 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon

Next, thank you to the athletes. You guys. Without you, it’s nothing.

13483192_1029636340476829_7597706453345778681_oThis was our first year including kids – so before we start, lets give a shout out to every kid out there running miles and laps and giving the grown ups something to chase. Big shout out to Callan Grant who covered over 100 miles all by himself, age 9! He will be earning the only kids size Century Club jacket in existence 🙂

So lets look at that – who made it to the top ten of the Century Club? (defined as logging over 100 miles)


Next up – lets look at race finishes? How many races did the top ten athletes complete to get these miles?


and this is interesting, because the top spots aren’t the same. Why? Because multi-laps. Races that support multiple laps get more people, and athletes that run multiple laps gain more miles.

14708011_1169949499760061_8462276688719680486_oSome quick, final stats:

1,000 entries were logged.
8,084.5 miles were ran.

Top 3 races, by miles earned were


And 2017 is fast approaching.

15181180_1202175609870783_4996041140091092098_nIf you are not already, please join our #racelocal Athletes group – it’ll give you the quickest and easiest way to get new information on the #racelocal program. The following events have already committed to 2017, so get registered and support local businesses!

Blizzard Blast
Shale Hill – Polar Bear Challenge
FIT Challenge – spring
Wason Pond Pounder
BoldrDash – WinterDash 2017
Bonefrog -spring

See you all on the race course!

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