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#racelocal is now an OCR World Championship qualifier!


Qualifying for the OCR World Championship is a requirement if you want to compete at any level – elite, age group or journeyman. No qualification, no racing.

You can do this by completing vetted and approved races – but the OCR WC series don’t have the manpower to vet every race, especially on the local level.

We are fortunate enough that thanks to our great relationship, our series will qualify you for entry!

So, we’re pleased to announce that if you complete FOUR #racelocal Grand Prix events as part of the series – you will qualify for Journeyman status at the 2015 OCR WC!

Elites and Age Groupers, you need to qualify in traditional ways.

Don’t wait to register. OCRWC is limited in spaces, and you can register now, and qualify through 2015.

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