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Racelocal Tracking App Testers Needed!

Hey Racelocal Runners,

It has been a year since the last update. Over the course of the last month I’ve worked through the UI bugs, got the tool chain set up and pushed development over the finish line for MVP. All races for the 2018 season have been loaded, note the mileage may not be correct just yet.

Please feel free to give the application a test: and if you find something broken or not working, message me on facebook with your issue and I’ll look into it.

From here I’ll be working on the application to track runners points and swag unlocks to make the behind the scenes efforts easier shipping swag etc.

After that, we’ll move on to develop a leaderboard to see everyone’s progress, and button up the app so the 2019 season can use it.

I have some pretty sick visions of integrating with fitness trackers and pulling in heartbeat data, mileage and things along those lines, but lets get the necessary stuff done first 🙂



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