#racelocal 2018

#Racelocal is BACK!

What is #racelocal? 
Entering it’s 5th year, #racelocal exists to showcase the amazing obstacle course racing community we have here in the New England region. From family friendly charity races, to weekend long endurance events – we’re fortunate to live in a hot bed of obstacle course races, and we want to motivate you to expand your horizons and try more events.

Nationally recognized as the leading “support local” OCR program.

UPDATE  – as of May 2018, #racelocal is offered as part of the New England Spahtens annual membership! Along with your #racelocal swag, you get all the benefits of membership too! 10% off everything in the store!

How does it work?
We work with Race Directors and list all participating events below. You run those races, then come home and log your finish. We ship you your awards and prizes through the year. The more races you run, the more points you earn, the more prizes you get! Wether you are competitive, or simply running for fun, our points and prizes are motivation to stay active, stay local and explore the local OCR scene.

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Who is involved?
Race calendars grow as the year progresses and Race Directors plan their events. This will expand!

pursuEVENTures – Jan 6th
Blizzard Blast – Jan 28th
Polar Bear Challenge – Feb 3rd
pursuEVENTures – Feb 24th
WinterDash – Mar 18th
Wason Pond Pounder – May 5th
Tuff Scramblers – May 5th
Run the Gauntlet – May 6th
Color Me Bold – May 12th
Bonefrog – May 19th
Dynamic Dirt Challenge – June 2nd
Samurai Sprint – June 2nd
Shale Hell – July 7th – 8th
Runzilla – Aug 25
Bonefrog – Sep 8th
BoldrDash on the Beach – Sep 22nd
Rugged Maniac – Sep 29th
pursuEVENTures – Oct 6th-7th
Tuff Sramblers – Oct 13th
Run the Gauntlet – Oct 21st

What points do I earn?
Our points series changes each and every year. Our goal is to tweak, adjust, fix bugs and provide motivation. One major change this year is our focus on getting you out to MORE events, rather than the previous heavy focus on multiple laps (of course, multiple laps will be rewarded!)

Obstacle Course Races:
1pt per mile on your first lap
1pt per extra lap (of any length)

Non OCR (Virtual / Trail type events):
0.5pt per mile on your first lap only

Tiers and awards
We will pay out awards and prizes at two different levels, due to it’s popularity last year!

Standard: All Standard registrations will receive a medal at their first race, a swag pack full of #racelocal goodies at 10pts, and a #racelocal T Shirt at 25pts (available at cost to those adding #racelocal onto their Memberships option)