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#racelocal 2015 is ready for you!

wideracelocalSince we had our successful 6 month #racelocal in 2014, things have grown. We’ve got over 1,000 new members in our community (and growing!), and it’s time to do another #racelocal Grand Prix and introduce a whole new group of athletes, runners and participants to the fantastic New England OCR scene.

What is #racelocal?

#racelocal is a selection of hand picked, high quality obstacle course races. Owned and operated in New England, each participating race has a reputation for fantastic events. Some are fun and family friendly, others will test your endurance to it’s limits. The 2015 Grand Prix is a full year with many local events, and we will reward athletes with increasingly cooler swag, the more events you are able to complete during the year.

How does it work?

You sign up for the Grand Prix. From the participating races, you sign up and race as many as you can through the year. Start running your tail off đŸ™‚

As you go, we will have you log which races you participated in – your results will qualify you for prizes and swag as you go!

How do you compete?

If you are of a competitive mind, we have TWO ways to win money.

Pointseach event is worth 2 points. Certain designated competitive events have more points on the line for the top finishers. At the end of the season, the top three men and women points scorers win money! Points are assigned per EVENT – not lap, day etc …

Milagewe track every paid mile you run. The male and female who covers the most miles in the year win cash money. More laps won’t bag you extra points, but it will get you further ahead of your competition!

but, not everyone is competitive. Thats cool.

Swag – As you complete events, you get swag. We start out by rewarding the start of your journey with the best medal ever. Do a couple more, you’ll get a shirt. Do a few more, and we’ll send you a goody bag with collectables you can’t get any other way. The more you do, the better things get.

Our mission is pretty simple – as athletes, runners and weekend warriors we all have limited time, limited cash – and the Grand Prix wants you to spend that locally. You’ll get to try out some pretty awesome events, support local businesses, and expand your OCR horizons beyond “the big three”.

Want to learn more? Click on through to our main page – lots explained, more questions answered, links to each of the participating races and full registration information awaits …

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