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racelocalIt’s no secret that here in New England we love local obstacle course races. We’ve got a lot of them to chose from, and they are usually of a very high quality. Many local race directors have realized that the New England Spahtens community is an amazing resource and they routinely run with us, and enlist members of the team to help with promo videos, course walk throughs, obstacle builds and more.

Even better, they have started to work together, and really – who wouldn’t benefit from that?

So – to show some community love for local, quality racing, we have started the first #racelocal Grand Prix.

What is it?

6 local races in 6 months. Register for the Open or Elite division and complete at least four of the events to qualify for a #racelocal medal and T Shirt. Elite division are also competing for points and prize money (and free race entries!)

What does it cost?

Participation in the #racelocal Grand Prix is $25 for Open and $40 for Elite. You are also responsible for your own race entry, transport, insurance etc.

A full set of FAQs, and full registration and participation information can be found right here –

This is open to anyone. Let your friends and family know. Encourage your gym buddies to support local racing and meet great people at races!

Full details –

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