Race Co-Ordinator

New England Spahtans at Blizzard Blast
Mike Hastie brought the biggest team to Blizzard Blast 2013


What is a Race Co-Ordinator?

An essential role in making sure New England Spahten events run smoothly. RC’s are put in touch with the race directors or event organizers early on in the process, and handle communications with them going forward. RC’s will also communicate the current status of an event to the team – keeping them up to date on heat information, volunteer opportunities, discount codes and similar.

What does an RC do?

RCs will “run” the Event in the Spahten Facebook group. As groupons or living social deals come up, they will communicate them to the team. As information about wave times, or heats come up, they communicate. They act as a point person to the Event or Race when folks need moving or shuffling to the right heat. They’ll be the face of the New England Spahtens when working with their designated race or event.

What doesn’t an RC do?

You won’t be “cold calling” or initially approaching the race or event. One of the admin team will do that, and gauge how much involvement they want from the Spahtens – not every race is interested in our involvement, others can’t get enough of it. Some just don’t need direct attention from us.

What does an RC get out of this?

My never ending appreciation for your help, and adoration and worship from the team for being amazing. Sometimes we get schwag, and other times we get a free race entry (in return for a review on the blog – which I’d ask you to provide afterwards). Many times, none of these though, so mostly do this for the adoration.

How will this work?

An admin will reach out to a race or event, and open up a dialogue. We’ll gauge how much involvement we can get with them, and appoint someone as an RC, and put you in touch with the right folks at the race. An event for the team will be started and you’ll be made an admin in the event.

As RC, you keep the team up to date regularly (as often as needed) – race promo’s, price breaks, share funky stuff from their FB page, news – if there is a chance to get volunteers running for free, promote it. If there’s a team heat, bug the living crap out of people to sign up for the team and get on it.

If you run into something you want to post wider, feel free to go to the group. If you need me to post it to the main Facebook Page, I can do that too – holler.

End goal? Make sure the Race Director and Event have no doubt in their mind that the biggest, most helpful, most responsive and most professional team they run into is us. Make them want to come back to New England 🙂

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