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Renegade Playground Challenge 2014 opens it’s calendar

Renegade Playground Challenge logoRenegade Playground Challenge – a race traditionally held at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and with a relatively poor history just announced their 2014 calendar, and ambitiously, they’ve opened up multiple new venues and dates.

June 21st – RPC Boston at the Marshfield Fairgrounds. A venue recently vacated by Ruckus. Sadly, they now collide with the dramatically better Civilian Military Combine, the new comer friendly 5k Foam Fest and our good friends in VT, ORTC at Shale Hill Adventure’s Benson Bear.

July 21st – RPC NH at the Rochester Fairgrounds. New venue, not at the Speedway. Also collides with the new Tri-Obstaclon at Shale Hill.

They have three more dates / venues on the list, but they aren’t allowing for registration yet – the Cape in August, RI in September and Boston again in the fall.

It doesn’t sound like the Speedway is involved again this year, which would be a crying shame – it’s widely considered the only reason they were so much better in 2013 than in 2012 was due to their involvement.

So – would you register for this event?

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