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Review: 5.11 Tactical Kilt

511downeyThank you, Michael, for the awesome review!!

I have waited to put this review in until I got to use this kilt for a OCR and a road run

A very popular item for Men to wear for events is the Kilt and 5.11 has one of the better more durable kilts on the markets and came highly recommended .

First thing when trying to pick the proper size I recommend going one size DOWN from your jean size, I myself currently wear a 42″ relaxed fit jeans for space and comfort in the crotch area but my first order did not take in account that I really did not need to worry about that since its a kilt and that does not come in to play WHOPS.

So for my re-order I went down a few sizes and order a 40″ waist and it fits perfectly and could almost get away without a belt but I ordered a 5.11 double duty TDU 1.5″ belt to go with it. The kilt has 4 heavy duty snaps to help get this on and off, the fabric is light and did not gain a lot of weight once it hit the water and mud. The only issue I had about the mud was you get a LOT muddier while wearing it and I got a bunch of mud and rocks in the belt line area so once we started moving again it was a minor aggravation. Also since they use such heavy duty stitching for the belt loops they can be a tiny bit irritation to start but with each wear and wash its getting less. Wearing it for the road run felt as good as wearing shorts and at times I forgot I even had a kilt on.

The kilt also comes with two tactical pockets that can be removed with 4 snaps if you don’t need them for the day. I choose to remove them for the OCR because pockets just = places for mud and water to pool up and add weight.

There are other tactical kilts on the market but from talking to others, and my own experience wearing this for a few events, 5.11 is by far the leader in tactical kilts.

Color options can be limited from time to time so if you don’t see the color you want it might be a bit. at current time all they offer is light khaki. But, they have offered, drab green, black and one or two colors .

Rating: 5 star (amazing)


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