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Review: Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

Thanks to Danielle Carrier for the review!

drymax_logo_10_orangeI have an allergy to wool, so finding a cold weather running sock that actually keeps my foot warm has been quite the battle.  The battle is over!  This sock is a synthetic blend (42% olefin/48% polyester/5% elastane/5% nylon).  It is comfortable and the cuff stays up (no slouching) which is great for some extra ankle warmth.  It is thick, which worried me at first, but the added thickness did not feel uncomfortable in either my road shoes or my trail shoes.  I have used these for a few road runs with temps in the 20’s-30’s and for an hour and half work out with temps in the single digits.  Every time, my feet stay warm, dry and comfortable.  I have not had any issues with blisters with these socks either.  If you are looking for a nice, non-wool based, winter running sock, this product may be for you!

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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