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Review: DryRobe

From: Hannah R Hawley

Review: It’s like a HUGE jacket! It’s warm. It’s waterproof. It has a hood. I can wear a ruck or backpack under it. I can carry my keys, phone, and more in the pockets. It’s awesome for ice fishing, supporting/volunteering/crewing a race, hanging out, watching kids play in the snow, changing after a race, changing before a race, not letting my body going into shock when I stop in the cold and am hot and sweaty!

(Editors note: these are available on a pre-order basis once or twice a year only)

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2 thoughts on “Review: DryRobe

  1. I hestitated through both purchasing windows because of the cost. However, if you are a person who has issues with getting cold and remaining cold, it is a worthy expensive weapon in your arsenal.

    I rationalized the purchase across my passions: ocr, camping, and sailboat racing. I will get a lot of use out of it.

    I first wore it onboard my boat at the Figawi race, during the final leg from Hyannis to Nantucket. It was cold enough that we were all on the verge of shivering even with proper layers and our fingers were getting numb. (I was dressed like I do for Polar Bear plus foul weather pants & jacket, and my life jacket). The dry robe slid right on over all my gear and instantly creating a barrier to the elements. I was not dealing with crashing waves, so getting the inner fleece soaked was not an issue. The outerlayer is waterproof which helped with seaspray. Though I probably looked ridiculous in a gigantic overcoat, I was still able to perform my tasks on the bow of the boat. I would have been able to quickly disrobe had racing become heated/dangerous. No! I’m not suggesting anyone wear these on course.

    Stuffed into a small duffle bag it measures 18″x12″x12″. I consider this a bit of a hindrance in terms of ocr packing & will seek a stuff sack to condense it further to fit in my race bag.

    There was a small embroidery issue which has been addressed. Once again showing that NES stands behind their products. Personally, I’m ok with the oops.

  2. I’ve been wearing a long sleeved dryrobe for a couple of winter seasons now, and I love it. It’s perfect for wearing pre or post race when the wind and cold and snow kick in – but it’s just as useful for wearing at home walking the dogs in the rain and snow.

    New Englanders should definitely consider spending a little extra for the long sleeved over the short, unless you have shorter arms – it’s got more of a cuff and is more weather proof than the 3/4 sleeve.

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