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Review: Fitbit Flex

fitbitmikeThanks to Mike Downey for the review!

Fitbit is one of the more popular health tracking products out there. The Fitbit flex is there middle of the line model priced at $99.00. You get 2 different size bracelets, the fit bit tracker piece, a usb dongle to sync it to your computer.

The software for your computer, tablet and phone is very easy to install and user friendly. if your phone has bluetooth ( what phone dosent these days ) you can synch the device up with the app on the phone to update stats.

The device tracks steps (not an exact science). As far as I am aware, its based on your hand movement as you walk/ run. One bit of info, make sure in the app you set up if the device is on your dominate hand or passive hand so it can compensate for that .

The app also tracks sleep patters (my fav feature) approximate calories burnt and distance traveled. You can manually input your calorie intake, water intake and some of your activity  at the gym .

There are a few bits I wish were more flexible and accurate with the device but overall I think this device can be used as a good tool to take some more insight to your health and see where your hitting the mark and where you might be falling short.

Rating: 3 star (average)

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