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Review: Garuka Bars Pumpkin Pie Flavor (Endangered Edition)

Garuka Bars is a Vermont based company responsible for creating some tasty organic energy bars.  The company  “is named after one of the few remaining mountain gorillas ranging in the volcanic forests of the Virunga Massif in Rwanda.” (Stolen from the label)  Did I mention they are regional…and the bars are tasty?

Their original flavor bar (review is available here) is always available for sale.  Every few months they release a limited edition flash sale flavor, also known as an Endangered Edition

Since I was introduced to Garuka Bars, this is the 3rd flavor they’ve released in flash sale format.

Previous Flavors include:
Lemon Chai (see my review here)
Coconut Lime (see my review here)

Without further ado here’s my most recent review…

Raw Honey, Peanut Butter Spread The Nutty Vermont’s Triple-Nut Maple Cinnamon Butter, Dried Cranberries Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Whole Grain Flakes, Peanuts Raw Pecans, Brown Rice Puffs, Brown Sugar, Butter, and GB’s Secret Blend of Pumpkin Pie Spices.

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw this flash sale, my heart skipped a beat.  If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE anything and everything pumpkin.  I simply had to jump at this, and I did.  I ordered on Thursday and found a box on my doorstep on Monday.  Speedy shipping as always – thanks guys and gals!

The wrapper remains compostable and the label is recyclable.  This is definitely a nice bonus with all the waste we have from the typical wrapper or packaging found just about everywhere.

When I opened up the package I was smacked in the face with the pleasant aroma of spices which reminded me of pumpkin pie (cinnamon, nutmeg… yes!).  Visibly, the bar is darker than the original flavor (hellooo Triple-Nut Maple Cinnamon Butter) and there are no peanuts or cranberries to be found.  They have been replaced with very recognizable counterparts: raw pumpkin seeds and raw pecans.  Bars are always consistent in size and thickness and this has not varied in any bar I’ve ever consumed.

I’m pretty sure I ate the whole bar in 2 giant bites.  Normally my bites are more dainty so, like, 4 or 5 is typical for me.  This variety is just too good to have any restraint when consuming.  There was a flavor overload, in a fantastic way, when I took the first bite (read: half the bar…in my mouth…all at once…nomnomnom).  It was cinnamon-licious and pumpkin-tastic and crunchy and chewy all at the same time.  The perfect combination of all these fabulous flavors has been achieved!

It may seem that I am a little swayed in my judgement on this bar, I’m ok with that.  I am seriously considering asking GB to make another batch up so I can stock up for the winter!  For some reason I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment.  My understanding is that the flash sale actually had to end early because they sold all the inventory!  Nice work!

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