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Review: Geigerrig 700

geiger700Thanks to Lisa Cullity for the review!

Ok – so before reviewing this pack I wanted to really beat it up.  And I did in Vermont.

This pack was submerged.  Dragged through mud.  Three times.  Sat on.  Fallen on.  Filled with water. Tumbled down a mountain. Once I rinsed it off – It was just like new.  A plus.

This pack has great stability and comfort.  I am a 5’1″ female and it fits (just) on my back, and after the beast – not one chafe mark.  The back padding is fantastic.  The pocket that holds the bladder is great for stabilization. Every buckle, clip, and zipper held up – even though I left one pocket open and it got filled with mud.

Having pressurized water in a mud run is a great asset, for rinsing anything.  The bulb held up fine, and did not come undone. This pack can use a 70oz or 100oz bladder.  Nice to have choices.  I was able to fit a dry long sleeve shirt, four bars, three clif blok packs, many individual aspirin packs, headlamp, glow sticks, gloves, lanicane, hat, beef jerky……and I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff…. but I still had room.

It has compression straps to minimize the size of the pack when it isn’t full.

Side note- there is a plastic plate in it, I took out for comfort.

Only flaws – it rubs the nylon shirts I wear – leaving scuff marks on them on my sides…. I would expect most packs to do that in spots.  The zippers don’t work well when filled with mud.  Imagine that…. again, don’t see how to design around that…
Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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